#1 Question: What were you like in high school and college? Were you always this fit and beautiful?
Answer: GAWD NO! I was kind of a tomboy, and played varsity lacrosse! I really started working on my bod HARD after college. I always found it difficult to study and diet, and be sore from workouts. I have always worked out, just not with the intensity that I do today...I also got a great workout with my right arm lifting all of those heavy beer mugs in school! Funny story: at high school I was voted the "Christmas queen" for my class at the Winter Dance, but didn't have a date. Nobody asked me! Oddly enough, I was also voted the person that people would like to get to know better. GO FIGURE!

#2 Question: Why did you ever weigh 210 lbs.?
Answer: Stouffer's Mac and cheese... family size! MOOOOO! Seriously, when I was pregnant I did not watch what I ate, and did not work out. I thought all of the weight would just "drop off"! Boy was I wrong! I can honestly say to any ladies that have gained during pregnancy. If I can do it so can you!

#3 Question: Why did you get into fitness/modeling/acting.
Answer: Other jobs are way easier, and you can sometimes make more money, but I never want to look back on my life and say, "I wish I would have...."

#4 Question: Who are your fitness idols?
Answer: That's easy! I love Rachel McLish. She is our First Lady of Fitness. She is a trendsetter, and has a beautiful, buff bod. I also I have always admired Debbie Kruck as well. Now that I have the pleasure of working with her, I am even more amazed! They both have continued to inspire me over the years.

#5 Question: What is your daily training regime?
Answer: I get up and do cardio in the morning...usually 45 minutes. I'll hit the gym later in the evening to do my lifting and maybe some more cardio too. I use a split training routine and do chest and triceps on Monday and Thursday, back and biceps on Tuesday and Friday, and legs/glutes/shoulders on Wednesday and Saturday. I'll usually take Sunday off, or do some light cardio. When training for competition I use lighter weights and higher reps. I stand naked in the mirror and pick myself apart!

#6 Question: What do you do to get cut down?
Answer: I do extra cardio and take fat burners, drink lots of water, and try to never get too tired. That's when discipline gets tougher. Calories DO count, and the types of calories that you take in. I avoid processed food, wheat products, and really salty things. I log all of my food in a computer program called LIFEFORM. That way, there are no surprises! I know exactly what I have consumed, and can look back on it. Of course I use MET-Rx every day regardless if I am dieting to get cut or not. I love their RTD 40's. They are low fat, 40 grams of protein, and YUMMY!

#7 Question: What is your favorite music?
Answer: I like to match my mood to the music. For instance, when I am lounging on a Sunday morning, I love to listen to classical. Any song with a beat that makes me want to get up and dance! When I am on my motorcycle, I love to jam to Rock and Roll baby!

#8 Question: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Answer: Besides working out and spending time with my wonderful family, I love shopping: clothes, shoes and purses, and unique knickknacks; antiques are cool too. I think that things in general were made better back then. I love learning something new and different, whether itís a new computer program, or rock climbing. I am also fascinated with astrology, and psychics. I also pray every day having conversations with God. Good thing He doesn't charge by the minute!

#9 Question: What kind of car do you drive?
Answer: I have a Yukon SUV so I can haul my cool and unique knickknacks around in:).... An older convertible Mercedes to maintain my "diva status":) and a Big Dog Chopper Motorcycle to cruise around in on warm summer days. Yes, I have my motorcycle license!

#10 Question: What is your sign?
Answer: I am a double fire sign! Big surprise eh? I was born in December on the 17th, so I am a Sagittarius, and my rising sign is Aries.

#11 Question: Do you have pets?
Answer: Yes. I have a big 90 lb. Yellow Labrador appropriately named "Harley." He is my first dog!

#12 Question: What is your Favorite meal?
Answer: Fresh sea bass with steamed vegetables, and a big glass of a good Chardonnay (lemon and water if I am in training...whaaaaaa)!

#13 Question: Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Answer: I don't have one yet. "Yet" being the operative word. Any suggestions?

#14 Question: What is your favorite color?
Answer: I love yellow.

#15 Question: What is your favorite cocktail?
Answer: Flavored vodkas with club soda and lots of Lemon. I mean lots. I also love a good cold low carb beer on a hot summer day!

#16 Question: What is your favorite cheat food?
Answer: Dark hard chocolate...Mmmmmmmmm! I also love natural peanut butter, and cashew butter. WHOA, what a combo!